Learn from India’s Most Trusted Cloud Computing Training & Consulting academy and Become a Cloud Expert in less than 60 days

Rated as the Best Cloud Computing Training Center in Chennai

Cloud computing helps companies to focus on their core business rather spending costly resources on infrastructure, platform and softwares. Organizations are moving from traditional software and hardware model to cloud environment. Major Cloud vendors like Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Salesforce are experiencing a growth rate of 50%. Cloud Professionals are on high demand due to the unlimited opportunities available in this technology.

Why Choose FITA for Cloud Computing Training in Chennai:

  • Less theory and more practical sessions provided in Cloud environments like Amazon, Azure, Google Cloud and Salesforce
  • We have transformed thousands of students into Cloud Experts
  • Trainings are provided by passionate Cloud professionals working in major MNCs who are globally certified
  • 100% placement assistance to launch/switch your career into Cloud
  • Global Cloud Certification Guidance and Support
  • Real-time case studies and practical assignments

We offer Cloud Computing Courses in Chennai on:

  • Salesforce
  • Amazon Cloud
  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • VMWare
  • Eucalyptus

Cloud Computed Jobs Oriented Training offered on the following tracks:

  • Cloud Admin
  • Cloud Developer
  • Cloud Architect

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