AWS and its features

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AWS is also known as Amazon Web Services is an evolving cloud computing platform which is provided by Amazon. It was launched in 2006 from the internal structure which was to handle online retail operations. This delivers an infrastructure mix as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) and also as packed as a service (SaaS). Get along with AWS and its features and gain more knowledge about AWS Training in Chennai.

Amazon Web Services was the first company to introduce a pay for cloud computing model which scales to deliver customers with storage, compute or throughput as needed. AWS offers a number of data centers spread across the country. Most of the countries use AWS portfolio which includes databases, computer, application development, and infrastructure management and application security. Here in this article, we have explained all this in detail.


EC2 or Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud offers virtual servers called as instances for the purpose of capacity computing. This offers a number of types with different sizes and capacities tailored to workload applications and types. This delivers an auto-scaling tool to dynamically scale capacity for maintaining performance and instance health. AWS Course in Chennai delivers many automation tools.


Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) delivers scalable project storage for archival, data backup and analytics. We can save money with this S3 buckets for an organization. Amazon Elastic Block Store offers block-level storage deposits for data storage with EC2 instances and also it offers managed cloud-based based file storage.

Migration, hybrid cloud

Amazon Web Services provides different services and tools was designed to customers migrate databases, applications, data, and servers in cloud public. The AWS Migration Hub delivers a location to manage and scan from the cloud. This EC2 systems manager aids the IT team to configure servers and AWS instances.

Amazon also has a partnership with various technology vendors for easing hybrid cloud deployments. Join AWS Training to enrich your skills and knowledge.

Data Management and Databases

AWS delivers managed services and database with this Amazon Relational Database Service including options for SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL with high-performance database known as Amazon Aurora. AWS Redshift delivers a data warehouse which makes it easier for analysts for performing intelligence tasks.


An Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) provides an administration that controls over a virtual network for isolating section in AWS cloud. It automatically provides with new resources for extra protection. For example, an IT professional can make use of a dedicated network via AWS Direct Connect to the AWS cloud.

Monitoring, Management

Managing and monitoring can be done by an admin for track cloud resource via AWS Config Rules. Along with the AWS Trusted Advisor these tools helps the team to avoid expensive cloud resource deployments.

Governance, Security

Amazon Web Services delivers a range of services in cloud security which includes Access Management and AWS Identity allowing admin to manage and define access to user resources. It also enables the business to introduce and manage policies for AWS accounts. Join with the Best AWS Training in Chennai with FITA!