Cloud Computing – A beginner’s Guide

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Cloud computing is the process of delivering hosted services that include databases, storage, servers, software, networking etc. over the internet. Cloud providers are those who are all offering these hosted services and charges for the services will depend on their usage like we pay for water charge and electric charge. Cloud Computing Training in Chennai will help you to explore your knowledge in cloud domain. Here is the knowledge is to gain from Cloud Computing – A beginner’s guide.

Use of Cloud Computing

At present, we are all using cloud computing services, it might be invisible to the users. Through the services like send email, edit documents, watch movies, etc. where cloud computing technology is used at the behind. Even though cloud computing is decade old, but most of the organizations starting from startup companies to MNC using this technology for many reasons.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is a major shift from the traditional businesses. Let us have a look why companies are switching over to cloud computing services.


Cloud Computing avoids the expenditure of buying software and hardware. It is cost effective since this technology charge for only the used software.


Many Cloud Computing Services are offering self-service.  A large number of computing resources are provided in minutes also in a few mouse clicks. Cloud computing provides Flexibility and scalability.

Global scale

The great advantages of this technology are to provide the elastically.  It delivers the proper amount of IT resources when it requires from the geographic location.


On-site datacenters need a lot of “stacking” and “racking”. Software team spends a lot of time to achieve essential business goals.


Large cloud computing services are run on across the world, where it is upgraded to the latest version that offers you the quick and efficient computing hardware. This provides the greater advantage in a single datacenter.


Cloud computing helps in data backup, disaster recovery and it is reliable due to the excellent features of cloud computing.

At Present, Cloud Computing is the trending technology in the IT market. Make use of Cloud Computing Training in Velachery and enhance your knowledge in cloud domain. Cloud Computing Training is the right choice for swift your domain to cloud technology. Cloud Computing – A Beginner’s Guide is the right way to explore in this domain.