Cloud ERA and Cloud Wars:

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Amazon is the king in the cloud computing wave. But with 42 years history of deep immersion in the software industry, Microsoft holds the first position and Amazon is in second place. Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Salesforce, and SAP are the top five vendors in the cloud computing competition. Amazon EC2 is operating as Infrastructure as service, which provides integrated storage, networking and systems management software. Amazon PAAS is designed for application and IAAS is designed for the data centre.Azure PAAS service offers hardware, application support on which storage and access are managed by a web browser. our AWS Training in Chennai is very helpful to understand the cloud technology and the Amazon web services. Amazon and Azure both are designed to be portable and scalable the specifications differ.

Recently Amazon announced an offer to enterprise apps to test or develop for free over a period of one year. Amazon divides the technology and price into the smaller amount. Amazon started offering cloud services in the year 2006 and a synergy research report from February 2017 says that AWS market share is at 40 percent in the market and Microsoft, Google and IBM grouped together and contributes to 23 percent of share.

FITA Academy AWS Course in Chennai trains the candidate to fill up the vacancy domestically and internationally. The expertise experience would definitely take the Amazon to number one position in the future. Some of the other cloud services are Alibaba, Dell{VMware}, TATA, Adobe, Dropbox, and Oracle.Some of the important AWS services to satisfy the huge hardware and software requirement include Cloud Migration, Cloud Migration Service, Managed cloud services, DynamoDB, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Virtual Private Machine, and Simple Storage Service (S3).

Advantages of using Amazon:

Our Best AWS Certification in Chennai train the candidates for individual training and corporate training. Some companies train the candidates through corporate training and implement the Amazon technology in the company. Amazon is the largest internet retailer among the tech giant companies. Amazon and Wal-Mart are the competitors in the United States and Amazon surpassed Wal Mart Company by market capitalization. Amazon is the eighth largest employer in the United States with huge clients and employees.Amazon is easy to use, flexible, cost-effective, reliable, scalable, high performance, and secure.

Whether the Amazon is new SAAS application or existing application the AWS console or the web services APIs access the application hosting platform.Under the Amazon services, it is designed for multipurpose services like operating system, programming language, web application platform, and databases.Auto-scaling, Elastic Load balancing help to load the application up or down with respect to the demand. AWS Training helps the students to understand the benefits of Amazon and sharpen the skills required to work with Amazon cloud technology. Amazon has the spectrum of clients for cloud computing as 800 government agencies, 10,000 non- profit organizations and 3000 private companies which serve to the individual and big corporates. Using cloud technology for back up reduces the cost and data disaster for the private companies and for individuals the storage through cloud improves the speed of the computer for the long run.