How wide is Big Data

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Have you ever admire when you upload status, profile picture or even commenting on friends’ profile or status, how it stores the details? Or did you think of the size of the data that the users are creating every day? The world’s technical per-capita ability to store data has generally doubled every 40 months since the 1980s, starting at 2012, consistently 2.5 quintillion bytes of information were made. Big Data Training in Velachery is recognized as the best training institute in Chennai.

The reason for this much of data is due to the ever-growing technology. This huge lump of information stays unused since the companies are still attempting and finding routes on how they can use the data to the extreme and utilize it for further benefits. Forrester Research found that associations use effectively less than 5 percent of existing data. Most of the Hadoop Training Chennai helps people to explore more in managing data.

Here comes the Hadoop technology to their save. It would open new entryways and new roads for the Enterprise. It can be a way for them in turning into tomorrow’s pioneers. It may enable them in analyzing markets, to know the client, know their necessities and pathways to new business.

Examples of Big Data usage

The U.S. government gathers more than 370,000 raw and geospatial datasets from 172 organizations and sub-offices. It uses the data to give a portal to 230 native created applications.

Social Network LinkedIn utilizes data from its more than 100 million clients to fabricate new social items based on customer

*Facebook has more than 700 million active customers, and there are more than 900 million items like groups, pages etc., that individuals interact with. Facebook clients spend more than 700 billion minutes for each month on the site. Facebook team is in charge of analyzing data to give to the users.

With the new technology evolved, major strategies help companies to tap the energy of big data

*Hadoop- open source programming framework (to analyze data)

*Programming module for huge data sets with the usage of MapReduce

*Usage of Google file system


Definitely, the future of handling data is obviously Big Data. Hadoop Training in Velachery is the best way to get excellent knowledge with the help of an experienced trainer.