Selenium Training in Chennai

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Selenium is software which is used for software testing. It is said as framework specially designed for web application. It is a portable software framework which used to test software. The way of testing will be manual but it has high over of testing alike record and playback will be available. So, by this record/playback we can overview the project what we are doing. To know these things everyone has to learn Selenium Training in Chennai.

Selenium is framework and also it is said as IDE. IDE is abbreviated as Integrated Development Enterprises. Those are non-profit organization who is all working for the welfare of the business professionals. These enterprises will approach development of software as well as increasing the income and provide livelihood for the poor rural households.

The working part of selenium is really simple and understood by everyone. This selenium comes under the type software testing process. It is one of the best IDE which is very easy to understand and Selenium Training in Chennai is a better place for learning.

Software Testing has many types such as black box testing, white box testing, unit testing, incremental integration testing, integration testing, functional testing, etc..,. This all will be done by software, namely called as selenium. The IDE may be functioned explicitly, but the theme of this software is to check the whole software. By this application, we can be able to check certain testing like black box testing, White box testing, loading testing, etc..,.

The Major advantage is that the person, who is handling this framework, may or may not know the internal code and not even knowing the programming language. Everyone has to gain knowledge by selenium Testing Training in Chennai.

This framework is mainly designed for web application as we already discussed, whereas the entire phenomenon can be handled by the anybody because without knowing the programming knowledge and any experience with coding. A normal person can do this testing. Simply said as a mechanical work. It is deployed on Linux, Windows and Macintosh operating system. This can be able to test like most popular programming language and some of those languages are c#, Groovy, Java, Perl, PHP, Ruby, etc..,. This all is made perfect if Selenium Testing Training in Chennai is learned.