Testing strategy which helps to overcome the failure in testing

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The life cycle management is very important in the selenium testing process. To create a class in the selenium driver the lifecycle management code help to complete the process with high quality. Testing is not process oriented it is the organized science. Join the Selenium Training in Chennai to excel in the testing job. So, the test cases, design, analysis, and execution are the important steps in testing. The life cycle management of application is diverging from the agile, scrum, ALM and TLM market. It is inevitable to plan the different phases of the testing life cycle such as requirements phase, planning phase, analysis phase, and design phase, implementation phase, and execution phase, conclusion phase, and closure phase. Here is the Testing strategy which helps to overcome the failure in testing.

Domain Driven Design

This model creates an interaction between the domain experts and the technical experts which makes the testing effect. This is helpful for the continuous integration, bounded context, and context map in testing. Selenium Training is the best training for the beginners.


When writing the functional tests using selenium the interaction between the web driver and UI is sometimes difficult. The changes made in the UI implement the testing process. The common problems faced during the selenium testing are difficulty in reading the test cases, the impact of changes in the UI breaks the multiple tests, and Duplication of selector when conducting the test. To overcome these difficulties page object is created. Selenium Course in Chennai trains the students with in-depth syllabus coverage. The four simple steps to create the page object are basic selenium, analyze your application under test, create the page objects, and write the test case. After the installation of the page, object test the object for the functionalities.

Loadable Component

The loadable component in the selenium aims at writing the page objects to load and provide the hooks to make the debugging the failure of a page. To implement the Loadable component java knowledge is important. Each logical component in the testing process has its own class. This is the edit issue page for the page object.

Bot style tests

A “bot” is the action based abstraction for the selenium APIs. It is easy to change the commands using the selenium APIs. The Best Selenium Training in Chennai aims at providing the practical oriented training to the tech savvy population.

Acceptance test

Selenium can be used by generating the test scripts through record and playback and java, c, Perl, Python, PHP, and Ruby are some of the languages used for the selenium testing. Acceptance testing is a functional test to check the user’s interaction with the web browser. There are two types of versions in selenium. Selenium1 works with RC whereas selenium2 makes direct calls to the browser with the java. Selenium 1 uses Javascript.

Regression testing

Regression test shows the changes in the version change. If the old version is not working then it makes the required changes. Selenium is used for the data-driven test. It consists of general modules for the functions in the web applications and extracts the data and test the data with different scenarios. Join the Best Selenium Training Institute in Chennai to clear the interviews very easily.


Selenium makes the test scripts to be reusable. Automation testing saves the time, money and improves the user experience. Testing is a repetitive task in the software and slight change in the code with the different business logic makes it easy. Taking the requirement from the client, reporting the requirement to the development team and checking the software before delivery improves the quality of the web application.