What’s new in Angular 6?

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Angular 6 was just released with new amazing features. Angular is a superheroic JavaScript framework, which is helpful to build interactive web applications. Learn What’s new in Angular6 with the best guidance. Angular 6 includes Angular CLI (Command Line Interface), Component Development Kit (CDK) and Angular Material package update.

  1. New features like the faster compilation, enhanced RXJS and faster compilation.
  2. Two-way data binding that enables singular behavior which helps to avoid errors.
  3. MVVM helps developers to work separately on the same application.

Companies that use Angular 5: YouTube, Google, Telegram, Crunch base, PayPal, AWS, Freelancer, Upwork and so on. Learn more and achieve more with the guidance of AngularJS Training in Chennai, the specialist approach is helpful to learn all about web development.

Pros of ReactJS

  1. ReactJS is a Javascript library, which is helpful to build web applications with extraordinary features.
  2. ReactJS is much easier to learn. Engineers need to recall their HTML writing skills for web development.
  3. Virtual DOM helps developers to arrange documents in XML or HTML, XHTML into tree. It is acceptable by the web browser while parsing into different elements.
  4. 100% open-source library which is helpful to update yourself with the latest trends.

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Features of Angular 6

Angular 6 is a right choice to build Single Page Applications. It helps to create an Angular component and publish Web component, which is used in the HTML page.

Ivy Renderer

Ivy is a new background render focused on size reduction, increased flexibility and speed improvements. This feature will reduce your code size by zipped code and it helps to do a faster compilation.

Service Worker

It is included in angular 5 and it runs on the web browser.

Bazel Compiler

Bazel compiler is used almost in all software including mobile applications. Parallel execution, Distributed caching, optimized dependency analysis is helpful to build the website in a short lifespan. Get started to learn web development course from AngularJS course in Chennai. Nearly 1000+ students trained from this institute, enroll today and get your dream job.

Close Compiler

It is the bundling optimizer which allows you to build JavaScript modules. It helps to generate minimum bundles in a short duration.

Component Dev Kit (CDK)

Angular uses CDK, it provides more than 40+UI components. At the same time, it allows you to build your own library using Angular Material. It supports Responsive Web Design layouts.